I am Surajdev Singh from Uruguay.

I started practicing Gatka with SiriKartar 1 year and a few months ago.

The immediate effect that I experienced is that it is a very happy dance that connects with the joy of living, that elevates the spirit to ecstasy and spiritual joy.

On the other hand, it is a martial art that connects me with the strength that flows within me, the ability to cut negativity inside and outside of me, and the humility to always be available to improve and grow.



After a session of Gatka, I am energized, empowered and uplifted. My thinking clears up, and my sense is that what does not serve me is cleared out of my life.

SiriKartar is knowledgeable and has a very positive and beautiful teaching style and presence, and senses what is right on any given lesson. Highly recommended!

Seetal Ram Kaur, Norway

Serene, peaceful,
wonderful workout of the body

Siri Kartar's powerful Kundalini Yoga classes are nothing short of fantastic. I would leave class feeling spiritually polished and as though I had experienced a deep form of prayer. Excellent, intuitive teaching. Serene, peaceful, wonderful workout of the body. This should be everybody's weekly sanctuary from life's stress.

Daniela C., Malibu

Her sessions with me
have been deeply therapeutic

I am a huge fan of Siri Kartar. Her sessions with me have been deeply therapeutic. It's an amazing combination of meditation, yoga and wisdom. I am a better person because of Siri Kartar. I wish for more people to be touched by her wisdom.

Shideh M., Los Angeles

Beyond grateful  for Siri Kartar

 Yvette U., Los Angeles


Siri Kartar, there is no one like you. Love forever.

Leanna G., Russia


Her voice is like the Gong

It was amazing. Her voice is like the Gong, so strong it penetrates everything and vibrates to the very core of you!!

Kate Perry, San Diego


The warrior with the biggest heart always wins.

Sheel Seidler, San Diego

Beauty and power

Siri Kartar's wisdom, energy, love and strength is something I want to bottle up and have with me always. The sessions leave me feeling centered, loved, happy and powerful. Through the practices she teaches me, I am accessing the beauty of my own body and mind.

Nicole M., Brentwood

Mind is cleared by the chanting

Siri Kartar was the yoga teacher who first introduced me to Kundalini Yoga. It is truly one of the most beautiful hours one can experience. Mind, body and soul are fed. Your mind is cleared by the chanting. The body is strengthened and relaxes with exercise, and the Soul by her beautiful guitar and singing. I highly recommend her.

Dr. Terence R., Ohio

Peace, love and comfort

To say that my sessions with Siri Kartar are transformational is an understatement. She leaves you wanting her everyday, she brings you to a place where we all want to be all the time. God bless you Siri Kartar for bringing peace, love and comfort to our lives.

Farshid H., West Hollywood


Gratitude for your healing gift

Siri Kartar gratitude de votre Don de guerison offert a Tous. Incroyable...Divin!

Veronique R., Monaco

I would love to have you closer

Siri Kartar mi e piaciuta tanto la tua lezione. Come vorrei che tu fossi piu vicina! Vorrei imparare tanto da te.

Silvia M. Rome, Italy

Reverence and fun

I love Gatka! It's a great exercise and works to connect body, mind and spirit. Siri Kartar conveys her mastery with reverence and fun.

Jonathan W., Los Angeles

A delight to be in her presence

SiriKartar is an upstanding member and integral part of the Kundalini yoga and Sikh communities in Los Angeles. As a teacher, she has an intuitive insight to see what her students need, and always encourages us to grow and find our truest selves. Her Gatka and chanting mantra classes are informative of these traditions and are also fun to learn. It is a delight to be in her presence, and witness her strength and kindness.

Kirti Jodha Kaur, Los Angeles