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All the arts presented and offered on this site are available to you: to learn, to enjoy, to own them.

 "Your success is based on weather you have a rhythm in your life. When your rhythm is imbalanced, you get angry, frustrated and depressed. Those who have perfect rhythm can go through every challenge very successfully."
Yogi Bhajan

brief bio

SiriKartar started her yoga journey in 1978, in her home town of Rome, Italy, under the kind guidance and encouragement of her Spiritual Teacher Yogi Bhajan.

In 1980 she adventured into the martial arts world, adding more Shakti into her practice, and teaching. Gatka is the martial art of the Sikhs, the Dance of the Sword. Yogi Bhajan often talked of Gatka as “Adi Shakti Yoga”, a martial art of self-empowerment.

In 1988 SiriKartar moved to Los Angeles to learn at the feet of the Master. In 2021 she moved back, sharing these arts online to a worldwide audience, while savoring the tranquil beauty of the Italian countryside.

SiriKartar expresses deep devotion through her chanting, a practice called Naad Yoga (the Yoga of Sound). It takes its name from the root of the vibrational sound that holds the Universes, helping us to fully open our hearts, and taste the mystical flavor of life.

SiriKartar is also an accomplished fine artist, book illustrator, and art historian. She was trained in painting at the Rome Art Institute. Later on, she earned a master degree in Art History; her thesis on the mudra in early Buddhism was awarded cum laude at La Sapienza University.

SiriKartar is the illustrator for the ARPF (Alzheimer Research & Prevention) ‘s recipes and yoga meditation publications, and Lyon’s Roar Magazine collaborator.