Your Music, Divine One

Here are few samples of devotional music I have recorded.

You may find them on Spotify or any music platform.


Naad, Yoga of sound

In the technology of Naad (sound) the recitation of the mantra/kirtan awakens the Soul. Chanting a Mantra (Man=mind, tra=wave), a Kirtan, requires for the tongue to strike on specific areas of the upper palate, where 84 meridians are located. It’s like dialing, making a phone call. By vibrating a combination of sounds, we tune into different levels of consciousness. Touching different digits starts a communication with the hypothalamus, activating the pineal and pituitary glands, so that all glandular system radiates, releasing the Amrit, the Inner Nectar. Being awakened is not simply a mental state, it is a physiological state as well. The spiritual sounds soothe the restless mind, chanting is a conscious method of controlling our moods, gaining more radiance. Chanting takes us beyond time and space, it merges our finite identity with the Infinite, it delivers us into a spiritual space, where the sound is God, is Guru, the Infinite Teacher.

Guru (darkness to light) is a Force alive in us, encoded in the Kirtan.  

Kirtan is mystic poetry in music, sacred chanting of Ancient India. It is a natural flow of the divine ecstasy of Lovers of God, it transports to the Realm of Divinity.