Siri Kartar is a Kundalini Yoga & Martial Art instructor, musician, artist and art historian from Rome, Italy. Showing outstanding talent as a fourteen year old, she was awarded with a full scholarship at the Zileri Art Institute of Rome.

 Later, she earned a Master's Degree in Art History: India being the primary focus of her curriculum. Her thesis on the mudras in early Buddhism was awarded Cum Laude.

 Reflecting a growing fascination in spirituality and metaphysics since her teenage years, Siri Kartar  in 1978 found Yoga , and soon got enraptured  with the prayers, mantra and chanting of the East, all of which were new to Italy.  

Those sounds deeply awoke her spirit. She quickly embraced living as a Sikh: she lived at Guru Ram Das Ashram in Rome, by the Pantheon. She woke in the ambrosial hours to chant God's name and to practiceKundalini Yoga. Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini to the West, encouraged  her to start teaching and leading the Italian community in chanting. 

Eventually in the 80' Siri Kartar opened a Kundalini Yoga Center with her friend, GuruShabad Singh. In addition to yoga, Gatka was added to the curriculum, helping to empower women, men and children of all ages.
In1988, so that she could be closer to her spiritual teacher, Siri Kartar moved to Los Angeles.

In 2021 she returned to beautiful Italy.