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Chanting and Music are #1 to Activate, Stimulate, and Use the Entire Brain


Chanting and Music are #1 to Activate, Stimulate, and Use the Entire Brain

 Naad Yoga is the Yoga of sound, and it brings me always to another realm,
calmer and deeper.

Is the part of Kundalini Yoga that makes you sing. 

Every time I chant a mantra, if I engage my whole being, my entirety, I rejuvenate myself, in body, mind and spirit. My mind become more clear, the stress of the day
is gone. Just few minutes of this practice offers miracles. When I become stillness,
in body and mind,  I get in touch with my Real Identity.

Now try with me a simple meditation, to center yourself, calm your mind,
open your heart.

Please sit whit the spine straight, on the floor or on a chair. Bring your hands together in prayer pose in front of your heart. Keep your chin slightly in, eyes closed, concentrate at the third eye. Breathe calm, long and deep, through the nose.
Continue for a minute. Nowget ready to chant the mantra Sat Nam (True Identity). The sound Sat will be long, the Nam shorter.  Inhale deep, and with the exhale chant with all your heart Saaaaaaaaaat Naaam. Keep up chanting this mantra in the same fashion for a few minutes.

At the end inhale deep, hold the breath, then exhale and relax the hands in your lap.

Congratulation. You have done it!

Wahe Guru (I am in awe with this process that brings me from darkness to light)

If you would like to chant more mantras with me and my guitar,
please click the link below, and email me if you would like to receive the words
of the chanting.

Or, you may go to the Service page,  and book a session with me.