Finally I feel myself today, as I can acknowledge that I am vibrating within the strength of my identity. Why? Because I simply woke up in the Amrit Vela, the ambrosial hours before dawn, to do my practice of yoga,  prayers, chanting.

Discipline is necessary, Its such a giver discipline! It becomes our second nature, we just do it.  I see it very clear now, through my journeys, my changes, upgrades, revolutions...thank God for discipline, that allowed me to perform perfect yoga and meditation sets every morning, 3 years ago when I was so sick that during the rest of the day I could only sit in silence, or lay down, like a zombie. Small miracle, I would say. It was my touch stone, at a moment of illness when I could not hold on anything. The physical imbalance effected my emotional, mental, spiritual inner world so powerfully, to the extent that any thought or image would give me nausea ,depression, anxiety.  I hold on my practice, that gave me resilience, offered me stamina even when medically was not possible to detect any trace of it! It saved me, as always does.

Gratitude, gratitude to the practice, the discipline, the resilience in me, such a gift the Creator instilled in me! I only have to keep it alive, so she can keep me alive.